Sports Training FAQ

What is the relationship between Synergy Fields and House of Speed?

Synergy Fields and House of Speed are two separate, but complementary businesses. Synergy Fields was built in part to accommodate House of Speed clients and give them a more authentic training experience.

What type of footwear is allowed?

Metal cleats are not allowed. Indoor shoes, turf shoes, or running shoes are allowed.

How many soccer games can Synergy Fields accommodate at one time?

Our fields are marked and can be divided into 3 individual fields so that up to three soccer games can be played at once.

Are there lockers or changing rooms available for athletes and referees?

Synergy Fields has restrooms that are available for athletes to change prior to or after games.

What are field rental rates?

We encourage you to call for information regarding field availability and pricing.

Can we rent out the entire facility?

Yes, the entire facility can be rented out for special events. We encourage you to call for information on pricing and availability.

What are the dimensions of the field?

The entire field is 90×150 feet in total. It can be divided into three regulation size fields, which are 90×50 feet each.

What do you recommend we bring to training classes and clinics?

We recommend athletes bring athletic clothing, running shoes or indoor soccer shoes and water to training classes and clinics. Shinguards are optional but encouraged.

Is online registration available?

We encourage athletes to register for leagues and classes online, via our registration page.